California Parents: Several significant changes are taking place involving funding from regional centers and health insurance to help families pay for their child’s autism treatment.

Are you ready?

Important Funding Changes

With these changes, local Regional Centers are requiring all families to contact their health insurance company to find out what types of autism intervention services they cover – or if they cover treatment based on their family’s policy.

Trumpet Behavioral Health’s California Autism Insurance experts are available to help you navigate the changes coming.

We’re here to help you understand your options:

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  3. Call toll-free 1-855-824-5669 Option 2 to talk with one of our Insurance Specialists
  4. Watch our recent webinar workshop on California Autism Insurance: Presented by Trumpet Behavioral Health, this free workshop will help families learn about how to get ready for using their health insurance to cover their child’s applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA Treatment), as well as speech and occupational therapy. Insurance specialist Michael Perez-Mesa helps attendees understand the new insurance mandate in California, what’s covered, and what to do to check their individual plan’s benefits.>> Watch Now


Free Seminars to Help Parents Learn How to Maximize Insurance for Autism Treatment!

Learn How to Secure Insurance Coverage for ABA, Speech & Occupational Therapy Services for Your Child with Autism

The insurance landscape is changing in California for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). With the recent passage of SB 946 and the current insurance settlement agreements, more parents are accessing insurance coverage for their children’s treatment for autism.

We’re offering free seminars for parents and caregivers across northern and southern California to help them understand these important changes. Attend one of our free workshops and learn about your children’s rights and how to maximize your insurance coverage.

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