Pearland, TX | Creating a Behavior Contract

Throughout life you are exposed to contracts of many kinds; cell phone, home loan, employment, the list goes on.

Behavior contracts, which specify a relationship between the completion of a specified behavior and access to a specific reward, are quite different. These types of contract provide vast benefits for many individuals who have a loved one with autism spectrum disorder.

Behavior contracts are most successful with individuals who can follow simple rules and instructions. Children will benefit from a behavior contract if they have already learned to wait for reinforcers (rewards, prizes) and do not need immediate praise for completing activities.

During this free workshop, you will learn critical information related to behavior contracts including:

  • Types of individuals who might benefit from a behavior contract
  • Important components of a contract
  • 5 steps to developing a contract
  • Contract placement

We hope you’ll join us for this free community workshop. Participants are sure to leave with a more clear understanding of formulating a relationship between tasks and rewards for individuals with special needs.

Date: Thursday, March 24th

Time: 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Location: 6516 Broadway, Suite 112, Pearland TX 77581

About the Presenter

Sarah Veazey, Clinical Director with Trumpet’s Houston Autism Centers, began working with children as a pre-school teacher and was drawn to, and challenged by, students with disabilities. Sarah changed her career path to combine educational settings and intensive behavioral programming for students. Her experience in the field includes parent and teacher training, toilet training for children and young adults, and early intervention.

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