Thanks so much for registering for the 2017 Colorado Santa Meet and Greet!

Our staff will contact you shortly to confirm your scheduled time with Santa.  Meet and Greets are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each center will do our best to find a time for each interested family.

Tips to manage challenging behavior during the holiday season

Our Centennial autism experts realize that not every holiday event is sensory friendly. Our experienced and caring team members have a few tips that may be helpful in managing challenging behavior during the holidays.

  • Meeting with Santa may be new to your child and he or she may not be able to independently complete all of the steps involved. During the Santa visit, be sure to give simple instructions that your child can understand and come prepared with things he or she likes to do to ensure the experience is enjoyable.
  • It’s not uncommon for children with autism to become overwhelmed by all of the strange sensory input during the holidays. Allow your child to take breaks from the festivities in quiet spaces before he or she begins to appear overwhelmed.
  • Toys and other preferred activities can help children with autism when they are in unfamiliar settings. Being able to play with these toys may be calming.

If you have any questions about the sensory-friendly Santa meet and greet or managing challenging behavior during the holidays, please contact us. The Trumpet family is here to help you during the holidays and all year long.

Tips/ideas and should not be mistaken for professional treatment recommendations – parents should contact a behavior analyst to receive professional advice.