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Meet Our Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services

Did you know Trumpet Behavioral Health has one of the largest teams of Board Certified clinicians that specialize in ABA therapy for autism and related disorders?

Many of our providers are PhD-level Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Dr. Linda LeBlanc ABA Therapy for Autism and related disordersOur clinical services are under the direction of Linda LeBlanc, PhD, BCBA-D® who serves as our Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services at Trumpet Behavioral Health.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst. A highly sought after speaker, Dr. Linda LeBlanc is also one of the leading experts on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy). Her current research interests include the behavioral treatment of autism and developmental disabilities across the lifespan, verbal behavior, staff training and OBM in human service settings and incorporating technology into behavioral interventions.

Read more about Dr. LeBlanc and find featured articles that she’s published.

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