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September 18, 2012, TBH Blog
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Teaching Discrimination and Matching Skills To Learners with Autism and Related Disorders

Many important skills involve recognizing and responding to differences among stimuli, such as numbers, letters, and words. There are also many occasions when physically dissimilar stimuli must be treated as if they are the same in some sense, such as objects and corresponding pictures, spoken words and corresponding objects, pictures, people, etc. Many individuals with autism and related disorders do not learn such skills readily from exposure to typical teaching procedures.  Recent research has shown that certain teaching methods are likely to produce the desired stimulus control, while others may establish errors that can impede learning.

On October 25, noted Behavior Analyst, Gina Green, Ph.D., BCBA-D will present a special workshop for BCBAs and BCaBAs. This workshop is approved for 6.0 Type 2 CEUs.

In this presentation, Dr. Green will provide an overview of effective methods for teaching discrimination and matching skills, with an emphasis on practical strategies for minimizing errors. Note: This is an advanced workshop designed for those with at least a moderate background in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Public school personnel, parents, and therapists with experience in ABA are encouraged to participate as well.

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