Understanding ABA Services

Center-based services are those that are provided on-site at a Trumpet Behavioral Health facility, rather than in the home, school, or community. We’ve chosen, as an organization, to employ a center-based model nationwide in light of its many advantages.

Our center-based model is designed to promote growth in your child’s skills across many facets of development including social interaction, skill acquisition, play skills, communication, and more.

The interior design of our facilities offer a fun, welcoming environment where learning and social interaction occur more naturally.

Benefits of a center-based autism therapy program include:

  • Training & Supervision: More interaction between your child and your Clinician. Immediate support and training of your therapy team
  • Clinician Collaboration: Your Clinician is able to consult with our Clinical Directors, and other Clinicians to improve your child’s program and make faster program changes. Your child will benefit from face-to-face interactions from multiple experienced Clinicians, Senior Clinicians, and Clinical Directors.
  • Social skills: Opportunities to target social and language skills with peers, and participate in play-based therapy during structured group activities
  • Generalization: Increased generalization of learned skills with other trained Therapists and Clinicians, the center-based setting, and during community outings.
  • School Readiness: Your child will participate in school-based activities to practice following classroom routines, and successfully learn in a school setting (e.g. lining up, sitting in circle time, group responding, going to the restroom)
  • Consistency of Services: Substitution by a skilled Therapist or Clinician in the event of a TBH team member call-out. Coordinated TBH team member transitions and breaks to ensure your child is engage and learning at all times.

No two children are exactly the same, and center-based services supply variables that may increase opportunities to jumpstart new skills and interactions, many of which are afforded by having your loved one in a shared space with other individuals.

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