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October 31, 2014, TBH Blog
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Are You Ready to Advance the Autism Landscape?Family

“Parent involvement in a child’s ABA autism therapy services are a crucial part of the development process,” says Elanor Neff, a clinician at Trumpet’s Chicago Autism Center.

The clinical approach taken at Trumpet assumes that parents will play an active and critical role in the success of programming. The Chicago team, along with all TBH locations, relies on parents to help set goals and identify needs.

Parents are an important team member in implementing the interventions developed to foster generalization and robust change. This, says Neff, is why Trumpet created a training program that help parents understand how the clinical team uses ABA autism therapy to help maximize each child’s potential.

“ABA is most effective when it is implemented through a team approach. This helps generalize, reinforce, and maintain the skills that are being taught,” says Neff. She notes that one of several things tend to happen when a treatment program lacks consistency across all parties:

1) the child will lose the skill

2) the child will only display the skill with the therapist or clinical team

The training program provides each family with the proper materials to help them understand their role in the ABA therapy process, ensuring effective autism therapy throughout a program’s duration. This includes the policies that help ensure optimal partnership in development and delivery of great treatment services.

It is the goal of all Trumpet team members to support each family in teaching their child, and to help facilitate independent use of skills. Parents are free to observe sessions as long as the therapist and child can continue to work uninterrupted, and parents may even be asked to participate directly in the sessions as part of training or to facilitate new instruction.

“It is crucial that everyone interacting with your child understands the instructional strategies and behavior plan, why certain procedures are being used, and knows how to react to certain behavior challenges,” says Neff. This includes providing updates and training to other adults who may be responsible for the child’s daily care such as a nanny, relative, or babysitter.

All in all, effective autism therapy calls for effective communication, and Trumpet’s team is here to provide just that.

Learn more about the Chicago Autism Center and other Trumpet Autism Center locations today.

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