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Trumpet Team Heading to ABAI

ABAI is Coming & Our Team Members Are Going

Trumpet Clinicians to Present at 40th Annual Convention

Trumpet Team Members from across the country will head to the 40th annual convention of the Association for Behavior International (ABAI), held May 23 – 27 in Chicago, Ill. ABAI contributes to the well-bring of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

The convention, held at Chicago’s Hyatt Regency, will contain contributions of over 4,500 participants from more than 50 countries. Through the work of these individuals, ABAI is able to offer a program with 72 workshops, 119 papers, 286 panels and symposia, 837 posters, 155 expo posters, 59 business meeting, 18 reunions, 24 special events and more.

A variety of presenters will include Trumpet’s own team members, including Dr. Linda Leblanc, Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services. Dr. LeBlanc will present on a variety of topics in various roles including:

Discussant: “Autism in Infancy: Practical Considerations”

Discussant: “Recent Research on Stimulus Equivalence”

Chair: “A Behavioral Approach to Play: Analysis, Assessment, and Applications”

Additional team member presentations are listed below including name and topic. For more information on ABAI’s nonprofit membership organization, visit their webpage. For more information on the event, presenters, and convention logistics, take a look at the Program Book.

Dr. Amber Valentino, BCBA-D – Clinical Director

“Using a Pre-Requisite Assessment to Predict Modalities in Mand Training”

Denice Rios, M.A. – Associate Clinician

“Effective Training Strategies and Performance Feedback”

Kerry Conde, M.S. – Postdoctoral Intern

“Integrity and Social Validity of Parent-Implemented Discrete-Trial Training” with Dr. Amanda Karsten

Mia Caccavale, M.A., BCBA – Clinician

“Increasing Variability in the Response Greetings of Children with Autism Using Lag Schedules of Reinforcement”

Amy Garcia – Therapist

“Functional Analysis and Intervention for Perseverative Verbal Behavior of an Adult With Traumatic Brain Injury”