KNBC TV in Los Angeles and Trumpet Behavioral Health Partner to Help Parents of Children with Autism

June 26, 2012, TBH Blog
TBH Blog

We are very excited to announce that Trumpet Behavioral Health’s Los Angeles area Team and our Insurance Team will partner with southern California TV station KNBC to provide tips, answers and guidance to parents of children with autism as California’s Autism Insurance Mandate takes effect July 1.

As in most states without insurance reform, families have been paying out-of-pocket costs for autism treatment or receiving some funding from waivers or “scholarships” to help pay for their children’s medically necessary treatment, which includes applied behavior analysis, speech and occupation therapy.

Starting July 1, families in California with health insurance will get much-needed relief when Senate Bill 946, dubbed the “Autism Bill,” takes effect. The new California Autism Insurance Mandate requires health plans to cover behavioral health treatments for children with autism as a medical benefit. Our Insurance Specialists and providers are finding that parents are not sure of what is covered, whether their insurance plan covers treatment, or what they need to do to take advantage of the new mandate.

To help, we have been taking parents’ questions through our website, via email, on a webinar and in workshops across California. We are very proud to announce that on Monday, July 2, Team Trumpet will appear live on NBC4 (KNBC TV) in Los Angeles during the 5 p.m. newscast answering calls from parents. We will help them understand their rights, how to maximize funding options, access health insurance coverage for their child’s autism treatment, and help them learn what to do if they receive a denial for coverage.

This is a TBH exclusive!

Trumpet Behavioral Health (TBH) provides autism treatment for children and adults at its centers and in schools and family homes. The Pleasanton, Calif.-based provider is already answering dozens of questions a day from concerned and confused parents.


NBC4 Southern California (KNBC TV) will host California Autism Treatment and Insurance Specialists from Trumpet Behavioral Health to answer parents’ questions during the evening newscast in a special call center being set up at KNBC studios.

Parents are excited about the coming changes. But many families are not sure how to access their coverage or what specifically is covered by their insurance. Many need help understanding the complexities of the California Autism Insurance Mandate (Senate Bill 946).

Monday, July 2, during the NBC4 News 5 p.m. newscast.


Feel free to copy and paste this announcement and forward it by email, share Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter, send this info to parent groups, regional centers, non-profit groups, parents/others and ask them to help spread the word. This is an important and exciting time in the Autism Community! And it’s a thrilling time to be part of Trumpet Behavioral Health as we assist families access coverage through their health plans.

Even if you are not in the LA area, you can visit on July 2 to find out the phone number to call-in on or to post a question that parents might not think about — you can help guide the conversation! Watch for more updates!


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