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Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas Trumpet Behavioral Health Overland Park, Kansas

Leading Autism Therapy Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Our Kansas City team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs ), and trained therapists  and therapists collaborate with educators, healthcare providers, families, and most importantly, each person we serve. At Trumpet, we utilize a multi-layered approach to serving our clients: from our in-house insurance team to our financial consult, we make the process of accessing services as seamless as possible.

We believe clients come first. We strive to live out this value each day in all that we do.

About Our Clinicians

Our highly skilled, passionate staff and Board Certified consultants strive to exemplify our role as a trusted, compassionate partner in the journey toward maximizing your child’s potential. Trumpet’s Kansas City clinicians enable clients to achieve their highest possible level of functionality and well-being while supporting their families in being effective participants in that success.

Our Clinical Team

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Amy Harper

Senior Clinician

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Amy Harper

Senior Clinician
Years Working in Field: 9

During my time at the University of Kansas (KU) I had the opportunity to teach and supervise in several roles. I served as a graduate teaching assistant in the Edna A. Hill Child Development Center’s Educare preschool classroom and later because the assistant program coordinator for this program, and later I served as a supervisor in the Little Steps early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) classroom. In these various roles I have gained invaluable experiences that have shaped my ability to be a team member and a leader, and I hope these skills will help me affect the lives of those I work with at Trumpet.


Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Science, University of Kansas, 2014
M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science, University of Kansas, 2011
B.S. in Psychology, University of Nevada - Reno, 2008

Philosophy of Care

My philosophy of teaching and care is to focus on student and teacher progress as a function of my teaching; therefore, if “my people” are not learning certain skills, then it is my responsibility to continue to train so that they are successful.  I believe in building positive relationships with everyone with whom I work.  In addition to rapport building, I work to maintain a positive attitude. Pavlov said, “In the team of which I am leader, everything depends on the atmosphere.” I wholeheartedly believe that the attitude of a leader fosters team building and a productive work environment. I can’t think of a more rewarding area to work in, and it is my mission to put my all into everything I do.

Kelsey Owen


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Kelsey Owen

Years Working in Field: 9

I began working with adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities my freshman year of college through an organization called Best Buddies. Due to my involvement with Best Buddies, my faculty advisor recommended I complete my junior year internship with a local clinic providing ABA services, where I fell in love with the field and decided to pursue further education. In 2014, I received my master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida State University. I passed my certification exam to become a BCBA in 2014, as well as obtained my licensure in the state of Missouri the same year. I have worked in a variety of settings including clinic and center-based for clients ages 3-18, groups homes for clients ages 21-47, day programs for adults ages 21-47, and a voluntary day program for adults with traumatic brain injuries ages 18-66. I have also provided in-home services and school consultation services for clients ages 3-21.


MS in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis , Florida State University, 2014
BS in Psychology, Florida Southern College, 2012

Philosophy of Care

I love working with individuals with developmental disabilities because I believe that everyone can learn regardless of their diagnosis and ABA helps each individual reach their full potential. I have seen the impact behavior analytic services have had of the daily lives of individuals and their families, and that’s what makes my job so rewarding. I love that every day is different on the job and I’m constantly on my toes trying to keep up with the clients I work with. It’s rare that a day goes by that I don’t go home having learned something new from my clients.

Katie Koehler


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Katie Koehler

Years Working in Field: 4

Prior to completing my bachelor’s degree in communication disorders from the University of Arkansas, I realized that there was something missing. This is when I began working with several children with autism and was introduced to the world of ABA. I continued to pursue a master’s degree in special education with a focus in applied behavior analysis at the University of Arkansas. I was given a wonderful opportunity to participate in various areas of research working with communication devices, EIBI, and social skills, to name a few. I have experience working with children with autism in a variety of settings including clinic and home-based settings.


MEd in Special Education, University of Arkansas, 2015
BS in Communication Disorders, University of Arkansas, 2014

Philosophy of Care

Providing therapy to children with autism is truly my passion. Every day is a different and a new adventure. I am proud to work in the field of ABA because I am able to share about a science that I am passionate about, has research to back up why it is such a successful method of intervention, and make a life-changing difference in the lives of those around me.

Our In-Home Services Provide Families With a Variety of Benefits: 

  • Insurance Specialists to help families navigate ABA therapy coverage options
  • Coordinated therapy across all providers & physicians
  • Parent training and support
  • Individualized programming for each consumer
  • Free Insurance Eligibility Review
  • Board Certified Clinicians


  • BCBS/New Directions (Kansas City)
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Value Options
  • Aetna (Pending)

Center-Based ABA Therapy for Autism and Intervention Services

  • Initial educational and functional behavior assessments
  • 1:1 intensive ABA-based treatment focused on skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction
  • Functional communication and social skills
  • Practice transitioning and independence
  • Early group learning skills
  • Toilet training
  • Social skills groups, based on age and skill level

Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy

  • Training & Supervision
  • Clinician Collaboration
  • Social Skills
  • Generalization
  • School Readiness
  • Consistency of Services

School-Based Services

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)
  • Functional Analysis Assessments (FAAs)
  • Program design, development & implementation
  • Individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs)
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention Plans (PBIPs)

Social Skills Group

  • Social thinking group
  • Grouping
  • Social skills play group
  • ‘Typical’ children are invited and encouraged to attend

Supplementary Services

  • Behavior Consultation with school districts and families
  • Assistance accessing insurance funding for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Presentations and trainings for family groups and other professionals
  • Presentations and trainings covered in a wide range of topics