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Dainty Center Inclusion Program Partnership

Brentwood, Calif. – For parents of children with Autism in Contra Costa County, the process of finding a center-based inclusive program has been simplified.

Trumpet Behavioral Health has partnered with Dainty Center/Willow Wood School to create high quality teaching programs for children with Autism and related developmental disabilities.

This partnership, based on Applied Behavior Analysis, early intervention techniques and natural learning settings, will utilize a scientific approach to measure behavior, teach socially significant skills, and evaluate the progress of those skills.

Studies consistently show that the intensity of early intervention therapy during preschool years is important in helping children with Autism to acquire crucial social and communication CaliTrip - San Mateo &N DC Brentwood 037skills needed for success in learning environments later in life.

Dr. Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D, Trumpet’s Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services, and a researcher in the field of early intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis for over 20 years, regards the implementation of these partnerships as extraordinary for children with Autism in E. Bay.

“Early intervention is critical to ensuring that children with Autism develop pivotal skills that enhance their cognitive, social, and emotional development.  The children who attend these preschools will receive excellent services from highly-skilled clinicians who are focused on creating powerful, positive environments to maximize each child’s potential for the rest of their lives.”

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Reading Barn at Dainty Center

Says Tiffany Lumpkin, Team Leader at the Dainty Center,”This partnership is focused not only on the alignment of two great organizations’ educational expertise, but on our goal to widen the opportunity for progressive learning throughout the community. By serving children with a wide variety of deficits, we live out our mission of providing a safe, trusting environment for the positive growth of each unique individual.”

While Autism therapy varies across psychological practices, early intervention remains a critical window of opportunity for children ages 0 to 6. The provision of intensive intervention during early years leads to a higher degree of independence and maximized outcomes.

Programmatic success, says Lani Fritts, Managing Director at Trumpet Behavioral Health, is substantially enhanced when the learning environment is enriched with high quality typical preschool and day care settings.

“This partnership sets the stage for individualized, comprehensive care and integration opportunities on an unprecedented level. We’re honored and excited to provide services together with Dainty Center/Willow Wood School, utilizing the breadth of our collective clinical expertise and industry knowledge.”

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Education Includes Hands-On Learning with Animals

For more information on these partnerships, please visit www.EastBayAutismPreschool.com or contact Rebecca Sterling, Clinical Director, at (925) 989-9492.

About Dainty Center/Willow Wood School

Dainty Center/Willow wood School, located in Brentwood, Calif., is a 3.5 -acre preschool campus comprising a small petting zoo, bird aviary, native fish and reptile pond, informal gardens, unique play areas and outdoor theater.  Each building on the Dainty Center campus is uniquely situated to accommodate classrooms, an extensive science area, a technology lab and other child-oriented outdoor learning environments. Dainty Center was founded in 1980 by owners Shawn and Adrienne “Cookie” Guinn and has grown from a small Preschool Center to a diverse educational institute encompassing an Infant Care program, Preschool program, Willow Wood Private Elementary School and Summer Camp.  Enrollment at Dainty Center is approximately 200-250 students ranging in ages from 3 months to 13 years old.