Trumpet Behavioral Health connects families in need of ABA therapy services with financial assistance through two grant programs.

These program are available to help pay for services directly and are available from all 50 states.

United Healthcare Children’s Fund

Click Here to learn more about the United Healthcare Children’s Fund

*Families required to pay provider directly with statements provided to UHCF.

*Families can apply online.

Important eligibility criteria:

*Families must have a commercial insurance plan.


*Families on Medicaid or federally subsidized health insurance are not eligible to apply for this grant.

Act Today!

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This grant program has three different categories: Act-Today! (regular application process) Act Today for Military Families (Tricare Families), and Act Today! SOS.

*Act Today! & Act Today for Military Families are on the same award schedule and follow the same guidelines.

Act Today!

Act Today! for Military Families

Act Today! grant follows the regular application process and awards quarterly.

*Families are required to submit statements from Trumpet Behavioral Health and obtain a pre-approval for payment. Grant must approve services that funds are used for.

*Responses may take up to 12 weeks

Act Today! SOS

Important eligibility criteria:

*This grant program is for families that have immediate need and cannot wait the 12 weeks, however income must be under $45,000.00 per yr.

*There are specific requirements in order to apply for this grant see website for more details.